Adorn to Rise is an independently owned, small-batch jewelry brand, based in Missoula, Montana. Founded by owner and designer, Claire Mannheimer with the intention to create high-quality, meaningful talisman jewelry to inspire and empower you to rise to your potential. 


Claire is a trained silversmith, with 12 years of experience working at the bench. She got her jewelry making skills early as she’s been making beaded jewelry since age 4! Claire received her Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Jewelry and Small Metals from Humboldt State University in Northern California. It was there that she learned the foundations of traditional silversmithing and was pushed to not only make wearable pieces of art but to have a greater concept behind her work. Since then, she has pursued the art of jewelry making with the intention to create simple yet strikingly unique pieces with meaning behind them that you can wear daily.


Each design is handcrafted individually using traditional silversmithing techniques. Each piece is created out of sheet metal or wire. Perimeters are cut out by hand with a jeweler’s saw. Edges are rounded and smoothed by files and sandpaper, forms are created by hammering, and connections are made by soldering with an acetylene torch. 

Some fabricated originals or certain components are molded and cast to cut down on physical labor but that still comes with a lot of hand finishing work. Each piece is polished by hand using a series of polishing wheels and patina is added to the surface to bring the metal to life. 

Quality and integrity are founding principles of the brand and each detail is carefully considered for uniqueness, wearability, and versatility. Adorn to Rise is soulfully produced jewelry to honor and cherish for lifetimes to come. 


The inspiration behind each collection comes from themes of personal growth that have come up personally in Claire’s life. As an extremely introspective person, inner work is part of her value system in life as well as in business. The design process is a way for her to process and work through personal struggles in a physical, tangible form. 

The Alchemy Collection, which is inspired by masculine and feminine energy, was created during a time when she was operating from a hyper-masculine hustle mode. She created a collection of jewelry to remind herself and others to value their masculine and feminine sides equally. 

The Warrior Collection, which is inspired by armor, was designed during a time when she was struggling with self-empowerment. Wanting so badly to step into her power and rise to her potential as a human and a business owner, she designed a collection that makes you feel more powerful, more protected, and more emboldened to tackle the unknown. 

Design Process 

Each collection is born out of a process of intuition rather than literalism, where archetypes of meaning emerge that are not only symbolic to Claire’s inner work, but are universal to the human condition. She researches her concepts and looks at imagery from different cultures and time periods but is careful to make her designs her own. They are fresh and authentic newly invented symbols for the modern wearer. Symbolism has been used for centuries to convey meaning and powerful messages and jewelry in particular is a deeply personal way to wear symbols that are meaningful. In this way, she is contributing to an ancient practice of telling stories and invoking meaning through adornment. 


Jewelry is much more than a means of accessorizing. It’s a way of bridging the gap between your external adornment and your internal experience. By turning catalysts of self development into a modern jewelry story she symbolizes the depth of the human experience that you can take with you and wear throughout your life. It’s a way to mark your personal growth journey, remind you of your value system, and ignite inner work required to align with that value system. 

Claire is a firm believer that what we surround ourselves with has the ability to affect our psyches, and knows that the bond between object and wearer can be a sacred relationship. As these talismans are worn, they become a part of you, they live your life with you, and their significance increases over time.

If you are self-reflective, never shying away from inner work, and looking for a talisman to accompany you through your personal journey, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Join the journey to self-actualization and watch yourself step fully into your power. Explore all collections here.