Top 5 Pieces of Jewelry to Wear to Your Holiday Party

Top 5 Pieces of Jewelry to Wear to Your Holiday Party

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Whether you are gathering with family or friends for the holidays, here are the top 5 pieces of jewelry to wear to your holiday gatherings to make you feel your best and to feel empowered throughout your holiday season. 

The Alchemy Earrings are true statement stunners that are sure to get the compliments rolling in. Crescent moon shapes intertwine with sun ray silvers to remind you to equally value both your masculine and feminine energy. When we operate from an equal balance of both energies we can live to our fullest potential. Surprisingly lightweight for how much of an impact they make, you'll be sure to leave them on all night.  

Add a pop of color to your look with the Protection Ring with Garnet. Garnet is a great stone for setting boundaries and ridding yourself of toxic habits. Paired with a Protection Stacking Ring for added layers of protection, you'll be ready for those family gatherings that can sometimes be a bit tense. Let it encourage you to create healthy boundaries, shed destructive tendencies, and to step into a renewed sense of self so you can show up to your holiday parties with ease. 

Nothing makes you feel more powerful and more ready than the Warrior Cuff. It is hefty, sturdy, high quality, and goes with anything. It's also for wearing alone or layering with other cuffs. The Warrior Cuff is composed of textural elements that stack up like protective layers to give off the essence of armor without being too literal. It's bold but simple modern armor to help you "warrior up" and get you ready for what's to come.  

The Large Alchemy Pendant is the ultimate statement necklace. Bold but minimal and difficult to ignore. The Alchemy Pendant represents the balance of masculine and feminine energy with the crescent moon shape conjoining its sun ray counterpart. Wear as a reminder to stay balanced, to connect to people emotionally while still maintaining boundaries, to pursue your goals while still being able to receive help, and to use intuition as a guide while taking actionable steps to get where you're going. 

The Shield Ring is inspired by Etruscan armor and the bumped texture they incorporated as a decorative element. Hefty yet contour forming and therefore super comfortable this ring really packs a punch. Powerful to wear without feeling like it's even on, this shield-like design will help you feel more protected, more confident, and more like the master of your own future. 

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