How to Find Your Ring Size From Home- 2 Easy Methods

How to Find Your Ring Size From Home- 2 Easy Methods

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When shopping for rings online it is crucial to know your finger size. First and foremost, it is always recommended to get sized by a professional jeweler in your area for the most accurate reading but if that's not possible, here are two easy methods so you can  find your ring size from home. 

1. Measure a Ring You Already Own

This is a great method if you are buying a ring for someone as a surprise and can use a ring of theirs that fits the finger you want to buy the ring for. It is also an easy way for you to size your own finger based on a ring you know already fits.

Make sure you're using a ruler that measures in millimeters and measure the inside diameter of the ring. Then use the chart to convert your measurement to your ring size!

How to Find Your Ring Size

2. Measure Your Finger

This is the method to use if you don't already have a ring to work off of. You'll need a ruler that measures millimeters and a marker.

Cut a piece of string or floss about a few inches long. Wrap the string around the base of your finger snugly but not to the point that it cuts into your skin. Take your time to measure properly as there is the potential for a margin of error here. Mark where the string overlaps and then measure the length of the string in millimeters. Now look at the chart to convert your measurement to your ring size!

Ring Size Guide

Now that you have your ring sizes figured out you can shop rings with ease!

Take a look at the best selling rings below:

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Alchemy Ring Set  | Silver + Brass


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Warrior Ring Band | Silver

Warrior Ring Band | Silver


The Warrior Ring is composed of textural elements that stack up like protective layers to give off the essence of armor rather than being too literal. The width of the band makes this piece feel powerful without compromising comfort. It's bold but simple, powerful… Read More

Shiva Ring | Silver + Brass

Shiva Ring  | Silver + Brass


The Shiva Ring symbolizes the divine masculine. Named after the Hindu deity, Shiva, the manifestation of masculine energy and embodiment of consciousness and awareness. The stylized sun ray details in this piece symbolize the sun which historically is a symbol of the divine… Read More

Protection Stacking Ring | Silver

Protection Stacking Ring | Silver


The Protection Ring is designed to be stackable as if to build up protective layers. This can mean physical layers of protection or it can inspire you to define healthy boundaries.  Have this ring made with onyx Have this ring made with garnet… Read More

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