Simple Jewelry That Packs a Punch - Your Gift Guide for Everyday Pieces That Make a Statement

Simple Jewelry That Packs a Punch - Your Gift Guide for Everyday Pieces That Make a Statement

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If you are shopping for the holidays and you've got someone on your list who has a strong sense of style, loves to wear jewelry, and is trend aware but isn’t caught up in blind consumerism look no further. This is your gift guide for everyday pieces that make a statement if you are looking for simple jewelry that packs a punch. 

1. Alchemy Earrings - If you are shopping for someone that has discerning taste and loves things that are beautiful and well made but that also have a spirit and a story behind them, the Alchemy Earrings are a real winner. The Alchemy Earrings get their name from the unity of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Silver circles and crescent moon shapes interchange with sun ray slivers gradually increasing in size until the earrings terminate at their bold and edgy sun ray shapes. Surprisingly lightweight and wearable despite making such a strong statement these show stopper earrings will never cease to reel in the compliments.

Alchemy Earrings

2. Large Alchemy Pendantthe perfect piece for someone who likes to stand out without being too flashy. If you've got a loved one on your list who loves wearing jewelry as a means to cultivate personal expression, but also attaches a deep personal significance to the things that she owns, consider the Large Alchemy Pendant. The combination of the sun ray element and the crescent moon represents the balance of masculine and feminine. Powerful, striking, and meaningful this would make great gift for a strong, independent woman who values her masculine side as much as her feminine side.

Large Alchemy Pendant

3. Shield Ring (top ring) - if you are shopping for a strong, independent woman, who is carving her own path through life, the Shield Ring might resonate with her ability to forge her life as if it were a battleground. Hefty, yet contour forming and therefore super comfortable this ring will quickly become her go-to ring to help her armor up for the battle of the everyday.

Shield Ring

4. Warrior CuffIf you are looking for a gift for someone who needs a reminder of their capability and inner strength the Warrior Cuff may be the piece for them. The weight of this cuff is substantial without being cumbersome. It has a way of making the wearer feel emboldened and powerful. It's bold but simple, powerful yet understated modern armor for the very day.

Warrior Cuff

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