Custom FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a custom project typically take?

The timeline for creating a custom piece depends on several factors: the complexity of the design, the time required to source materials, the intricacy of construction, and our communication and decision-making speed.

For simple designs, projects typically take 1-2 months; for more complex designs, 2-4 months; for extremely complex pieces with significant back-and-forth and intricate construction, 4-6 months.

It’s always best to reach out ahead of time and allow more time than you anticipate needing for the piece. Once we finalize the design, I’ll do my best to provide you with an accurate completion date and will keep you informed as things progress.

Can I use a stone I have? 

It depends! After carefully inspecting your stone and upon my approval, we can use it as long as it meets my standards for hardness and quality. The custom process is a higher investment of time and money, so I recommend using the highest quality stones. Please note that I am not liable for any damage that occurs to a stone you've provided while it's in the production process.

Can I use my own gold for a credit towards the piece?

Yes! I send my gold scraps to a refiner, so it won’t be incorporated into the piece itself. However, I can apply the current spot price of your gold, based on its weight, as a credit towards your piece.

Can I change my design once we’ve started?

Once we’ve had our initial consultation and I've gathered enough information to start the design process, I will submit my first round of designs to you with up to three stages of revisions. You can make changes at any point during this process. Once you sign the agreement contract and pay your 50% deposit, that's when I start sourcing your materials, and therefore, design changes can no longer be made.

How does payment work?

Once we've finalized the design, I will send an invoice to your email for the estimated 50% deposit to ensure your commitment to the project. Center stones over 1 carat may be paid for in a separate invoice. Once your jewelry is completed, I will send another invoice to your email for the remaining 50%, plus shipping if applicable, to be paid before shipping or delivering your piece to you.

Is the item returnable?

Due to the time involved in the designing and sourcing process, custom pieces are not returnable or refundable. I ensure that every decision made along the way is approved by you before moving on, and it’s essential for you to provide honest feedback so we can design exactly what you want.